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History of Infantile Industries

Infantile Industries was founded in St. Louis, Missouri by Craig Ross. After helping start, grow, and eventually sell one of the most successful plastic card printing and manufacturing companies in the United States, he decided to take his experience in plastic printing and apply it to the world of commercial business printing.

Witnessing years of market consolidation, ever-increasing corporate rigidity, and the commoditization of a great industry, he pledged to bring back a personal touch to marketing communications and print. Creating a business that not only values its customers and takes the time to get to know them, but whose customers value it. A business where all employees feel empowered to make decisions at the drop of a hat for their clients. A place that the hardest working, most creative, and fun-loving people will seek out to bring great ideas to life! 

Once again, with that inspiration Craig started from the ground up, building business relationships during the day and doing production at night, always with an eye on quality products, dependability, and reliable service. Growing it to the small business it is today that values relationships and trust overall.

People always ask us about our name and how it applies to the world of printing. The answer is that it does not. It stands for who we are. We are infants. We see things through fresh eyes. Unjaded. We continue to learn and evolve. Every day we are amazed at the products and services that we see in the many industries we serve. From manufacturing, local retail, automotive, local restaurants, craft brewers and distilleries to consumer-packaged goods, we are in awe of the incredible ideas that we are exposed to. In some instances, those very clients are just getting started themselves. They too are infants. These are the folks that truly bring great ideas to life. Just like us, they are fearless. They do not understand the meaning of failure and they are tireless in their drive to build and innovate (like a seven-year-old in a Lego factory). We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with our clients to communicate their innovation and passion. The ability to share in those moments is what drives us.

We may be big babies, but do not let that fool you. We are tough, big babies that do not take ourselves too seriously. Hence our logo featuring the meanest looking Kewpie doll on the block. Sleeves rolled up and ready to get to work for you and have some fun along the way.

If starting a lasting partnership with our dedicated team sounds good to you, please reach out to us at 314-644-4055 to speak with us about your next printing or promotional job. Or just call to say hi. Tell us what your dreams are. We would love to hear about them and look forward to someday sharing the story of your incredible idea with the rest of the world!