radiotherapy quality management

We partner with providers, payers and pharmato enhance quality, improve outcomes and reduce cost


Radialogica is a healthcare analytics company focused on radiation oncology for cancer patients

We provide tools, evidence and insight to manage RT quality for individual patients and patient populations


While ongoing technological advances have enhanced the accuracy and precision of radiotherapy planning and delivery, complications can be prevalent and expensive

Clinical practice can vary widely witin and across institutions, and variability in quality has consequences in terms of toxicity and tumor control

Managing quality of care can improve patient response, limit treatment-related complications, and reduce the physical and financialburden of cancer treatment and survivorship


RT Quality Management

We empower clinicians with software tools and analytics services to enhance treatment quality for individual patients and promote quality and consistency of care across delivery networks.

RT Benefits Management

We providebenefits management solutions to payers that consider both quality and utilization to ensure the quality and appropriateness of care and reduce the lifetime burden of cancer survivorship.

RT Trials Management

We work with pharmaceutical sponsors and CROs to manage RT quality in clinical trials to standardize care, improve outcomes and minimize the impact of variability on study results.