RJG Venture Capital, LLC



We are MOTIVATED seed stage investors of FEMALE FOUND & LED companies building scalable IT, BIOTECH & AgTECH solutions. A MERE 3% of all invested dollars went to female-only founded companies between 2009 – 2019. Female entrepreneurs & CEOs are subject to INVESTMENT INEQUITIES. Solving RACIAL, ETHNIC & GENDER inequities that underrepresented founders & CEOs face will take a village.

We support pioneers of this underserved and undervalued class of entrepreneurs, by accessing proprietary scientific research and testing, giving us early insights and outsized long-term performance. These pioneers hold a trove of wealth waiting to be tapped with socio-economic impact and great financial return potential.


RJG’s invested startups will receive mentoring & guidance from RJG members. Subject matter experts (SMEs) will meet monthly and on Mentor Day, a key annual event where startups will receive one-on-one mentoring


RJG will meet bi-weekly to formally consider 3 startups selected from among all the ones that are screened each prior period by the deal selection process. RJG members collaborate in the due diligence and invest as individuals.


RJG will comprise of an exclusive and experienced group of members. The members will generally be successful high technology founders or executives that are interested in investing in high-risk startups.


Investment Deal Criteria

We are primarily focused on seed stage, Biotech, AgTech and IT companies that are women found and/or led with strong teams, proprietary technology, and big markets. We do not invest in real estate, restaurants, retail, or funds. RJG invests in the range of $100 to $300 K. Valuation depends on many things, but few companies successfully raise financing from us at valuations greater than $5-7 MM. One of the initial criteria that we use to evaluate deals is location. Our preference is to invest in companies located in the Midwest, Rocky Mountains, South of the US and LATAM. These regions enable us to remain active with our portfolio throughout the early stages of development. To start the process, please complete this online application form.

Review & Selection Process

No fees are charged from presenting companies. If you submit a plan for review, it will be forwarded to a Pre-Screening Committee. This committee is made up of experts from every high-tech category we focus in. The committee reviews the plans a month and selects the ones that move forward to the Deal Screening stage of the process. There, 3 RJG members (one from each major discipline) will ask you questions about the company for 15 minutes to better understand the printed material. The Deal Screening Committee selects the companies, for presentation to the larger RJG team.

Selected Companies Process

The selected companies above receive free value-added preparatory services to help refine both the written and oral presentations in preparation for the RJG larger team presentation during the 2-4 weeks between deal screening and presentation.


Within a week of their presentation, most companies that present to the fund will have scheduled a follow up meeting with the team responsible for due diligence. During this meeting all the details of the due diligence process are laid out and the companies come out with a very clear set of action items to deliver and a timeframe in which to deliver them in. A comprehensive checklist is provided to help the companies keep track of what is needed, and all materials are hosted in a VDR only accessible by the company and the RJG team.