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Rover RSD, LLC (the “Company” or “Rover”) is a new transportation and logistics technology company that facilitates timely delivery of people and packages for commercial and individual clients. Rover’s mobile application and web portal provide a convenient platform to book ride hailing services and package deliveries under one roof.



Management believes that the timing is right for Rover. The Covid-19 pandemic has heightened the need for delivery services and changed the way that retailers do business. In response to consumer demand for contactless shopping, many retailers are now offering curbside pickup or delivery – something unheard of just a few months ago. This shift in behavior opens the door for entrants like Rover to provide seamless delivery of packages from point A to point B.

Curbside Delivery

Curbside Pickup

Cashless Payment

Curbside Pickup or Delivery


Contactless Shopping

We do the shopping for you so you can stay safe!

Curbside Delivery

We help you stay safe with convienient Curbside Delivery.

Curbside Pickup

Contactless Pickup of Persons or Packages.

Current Status 

The Company has been developing the Rover platform for two years. Today, the app is ready for beta testing. The Company expects to launch services in the New Orleans area by the end of Q4 2020.

Future Goals and Objectives 

The Company will prove its model in the New Orleans/Baton Rouge market and expand from there. The long-term objectives are national and international expansion