Animals, Immortal Beings


By: Dr. Mary Buddemeyer-Porter

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“Animals, Immortal Beings” offers scriptural evidence of

the immortality of animals. This book contains a brief

overview of some of the other religions and their laws

concerning the treatment of animals as well as commentary

from sources like Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Wesley,

Pope John Paul II, and more. Inside, you will find a true

view of God’s everlasting love for His animal creations

Dr. Mary Buddemeyer-Porter synthesizes the teachings of the most highly

respected theologians past and present and puts an end to the modern error and low

view of God’s everlasting love for His animal creation. Let’s hope this book finds

its way into the hands of every pastor, priest, and church member. If you have lost a

pet, take heart.” Brian Dougan, English Teacher South Korea

“This book is considered by many reviewers to be the most comprehensive source of

proof on the topic of animal immortality and should convince millions more that

God’s plan for our animal friends should be included by all Christian and non

Christian religions in their daily teachings.” Bill LaSalle, Former member of the

Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship International, weekly Christian radio host