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Dr. Mary Buddemeyer-Porter is CEO of The Land of Music, (R), Inc., the home of the fantastic and amazing Note Family and abut 90 musical friends who live in The Land of Music(R). where music theory, pure mathematics, entertainment, movement, songwriting, and acting comes alive and lives in one's heart forever. It is pure educational and purely entertainment blended together which makes music fun, actable, and educational.


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Do animals have a spirit and soul? Did God create everything to live forever? Are animals sinless, or innocent?  Do all creatures go to Heaven?

Does God love all He created – including animals? Listen and you will hear God’s wonderful eternal plans for all creatures below man.

There are over 275 scriptures revealing the immortalityof animals. These scriptures combined with 15wonderful true-life animal stories, will warm your heart

and give you conformation that animals do go to heavenand see beyond this world, and understand things of

God that humans fail to see.


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By: Dr. Mary Buddemeyer-Porter


By: Dr. Mary Buddemeyer-Porter


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Adventure Series


Adventure Series


Adventure Series


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