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Impact of our Programs

MRH was the first school district in the United States to take on the homeless student crisis by
purchasing a house and creating a program to help their unhoused students. Fourteen years
later, Joe’s Place keeps growing and advancing its programs to help one student at a time
graduate high school and achieve their adult goals.

Because of our success and reputation, many schools in the U.S. from California to Maine have
contacted us to implement our program. Unfortunately, most attempts have failed. With the rise
of opioid deaths or parental incarceration, we still receive calls from school districts across the
country wanting to implement our program – some even visit. We take every call seriously,
answer questions, host tours, and offer copies of program materials.

Since the beginning of our program, MRH School District’s Director of Student
Services tracks and records data collected about our participants. Every year, the data
reveals our programs are working and making an impact on the lives of our
participants. The following data represents 33 program participants served from 2006 –

  •  Increased their GPA from 1.37 to 2.52
  •  Increased their school attendance average from 85.9% to 96.9%
  •  91.3% enrolled in college or trade school after graduating from our program
  •  Reports from teachers and staff revealed improved character and attitude while at school
  • From 2006 – 2022 we have served 33 students
  •  31 out of 33 have graduated